With the advancement of technology, gaming has improved significantly over the years. From the original Atari gaming brand to the most current PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the difference is incredible to say the least. The animation being created now is out of this world and the new generation of youth has been called the gaming generation because of it.

With the popularity of gaming comes with the increase of demand of accessories to enhance the gaming experience. Ironically the best source to find your reviews on those accessories is Gear For Gaming. One such accessory that gamers use is the microphone. Many online games require microphones so that they can communicate with other players in the game over the net. Gaming has become global because of the internet. This increased the necessity of accessories such as the microphone.

The microphone often comes with the headset so that the gaming experience will be even more realistic. But with so many companies nowadays putting out product after product, it’s getting more difficult to determine which brands are worth buying. Here are the top 3 brands for gaming microphones.

best microphone for gaming

  1. Fnatic Gear

To start off this list right, Fnatic Gear makes its way to this top 3 microphone brands in the market because of its precision. The sound system is unique as it is accurate. This gives an overall enjoyable experience when one plays using their products. Furthermore, this brand also takes aesthetics seriously. The style of their products is unique and interesting and it definitely speaks volumes to those who love to play games with the best accessories.

Its most known feature is its 40-millimeter audio drivers that improve the quality of the sound that the gamer hears when playing. The microphone is notable for both regular and professional gaming. Fnatic Gear really is a microphone brand that dedicates its creation of products to give the best experience a gamer can have when playing a game.

  1. Logitech

One of the leading companies that release gaming gadgets, Logitech is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Their latest addition to their incredible roster of excellent microphones and headsets, the G533 Wireless, is a sight to behold. Its sleek design comes in the color black, a favorite of many gamers. However, because of the kind of technology used to create this bad boy, it is recommended only for PC gamers in the professional level. After all, it does not come cheap.

What makes this brand stand out among the rest is its adjustable microphone. The microphone itself is a bonus because of its flexibility. When a gamer plays a game, it is a bother to keep adjusting the microphone while trying to concentrate on playing. Logitech gets rid of that problem by making the microphones adjustable to the point where it won’t be inconvenient for the gamer.

  1. Steelseries

Its silver coating alone already attracts the attention. One can only imagine the specs and features that this amazing product can offer. But then again, because it is a product out in the market now, there have been several reviews regarding this gaming microphone headset. Steelseries is a company that puts out some of the best gaming gadgets money can buy. But when it comes to their latest products, the headset arctic series comes in at first place.

With a 7.1 surround sound, outside noise will be blocked and the sound system is amplified to make the gaming experience even more realistic. However, what makes this product a fan favorite is that the ear pads are rather comfortable to wear. It does not matter whether the surround sound system is top-notch or not. If the ear pad is uncomfortable to wear, not a lot of people would buy it.


Whichever brand a gamer chooses, as long as it has an excellent sound system, it is worth trying out. After all, gaming is not complete without a proper microphone and headset combination.

As another has come and gone so does call for a yearly reflection. So we take a knee and bring it in to list the top 5 best sports games of 2016.

1. NBA 2K17
2. FIFA 2017
3. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017
4. Madden NFL 17
5. MLB The Show 2016

We love sports games because as a diverse nation, we are able to put aside our differences, have a common ground, and come together. Just be sure not to take your fandom to a brawl or too seriously. 😉